The CultureShock Collective is a collaborative duo who works in partnership with other artists and creatives to promote a more colorful and vibrant artistic landscape in Tacoma. We cultivate creative exploration within Tacoma's arts community by promoting and curating dynamic, collaborative exhibitions, events and programming with creatives of color, and those from marginalized backgrounds.  The CSC aims to create continuous visibility for these disenfranchised artists, to cultivate support and outreach for them within the arts community, and to use arts to spark engaging dialogue.

The CSC recognizes the cultural diversity within our community, and the stark contrast of a lack of diverse representation in Tacoma’s arts scene. We collaborate with others in the arts community to provide opportunities for artists of diverse and/or marginalized backgrounds to showcase their work in a capacity that promotes open discussion, engagement, and growth. These opportunities are pop-up exhibitions and events that we produce, which will help expand Tacoma’s arts community, the work that’s being created and presented to the public, and those who are engaging with the work - all while generating community discourse on various topics that are pertinent to those from marginalized backgrounds. The foundation of our work aims to do three major things: form a solid and involved network of POC and/or marginalized artists, cultivate an engaged and socially aware arts audience in Tacoma, and to translate that engagement into community growth which will materialize into a diverse, thriving arts scene. We will fulfill these goals by presenting a platform to facilitate collaborative programming. Through our efforts, we strive to bring positive development and expansion within the arts.


ROSE MATHISON // Washington grown with Filipino roots, Rose's passions lie in cultural preservation and the arts. An alumni of the University of Washington with a background in art history and anthropology, she has experience working in both non-profit and for-profit sectors of the arts, although her heart lies in promoting art within colored and/or queer communities. Rose is a double-Aquarius, plant collecting, cat lady often found bar crawling through downtown Tacoma.

CLARISSA GINES // Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, she is a first-generation Filipina-American who is driven to promoting and supporting working artists of color who share their diverse experiences through various artistic ideas and disciplines. She has her BA in Art History from Pacific Lutheran University and 5 years of experience in the arts. Aside from being the Exhibitions Manager at ArtXchange Gallery in Seattle, she is a full-time daydreamer and optimist.

Images by Bradford Lum (@theluckystudios)

All photos and content by Clarissa Gines and Rose Mathison, unless otherwise noted.